Xbox One Controller

Take a look at the Xbox One Controller in all its glory:


The Xbox One Controller looks very similar to the Xbox 360 Controller, but it has some significant and beautiful differences. Microsoft claims that there are “40 technical and design innovations” on the new controller. Among them:

  • The X, Y, A, B buttons are now solid black with bold colored text (previously the buttons were colored)
  • The Xbox button glows white instead of green (at least in this picture)
  • The look and ergonomics of the joysticks and D-Pad have been improved
  • The triggers are now “vibrating impulse triggers” for enhanced “rumble pack” type of capabilities
  • Works with Xbox Kinect, including automatic detection of who is playing, who is holding which remote, pairing appropriately, and wireless syncing… WOW!

Here are some more Xbox One Controller Pictures:







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